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Organizing Your Kitchen with Crampt and NAPO Austin

March 29, 2021 9:30 AM | Deleted user

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In partnership with NAPO Austin, our friends at Crampt Storage on Demand have prepared the Ultimate Room-by-Room Guide of Home Organization Hacks.

Did you catch the previous tips for keeping a tidy Entry Way?

The Kitchen

For many of us, the kitchen is the most frequently used room in the home. It’s where we cook evening meals, help the kids or grandchildren with homework and host get-togethers and holidays.

The kitchen needs to accommodate a multitude of needs, but this can be tricky with the cornucopia of utensils, appliances and other items that come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Start by organizing your countertops for more surface space.

  • Use clear canisters or ones with labels for ingredients that you use often.
  • Line them against the wall and only pull them forward when you need something out of one.
  • Keep utensils and spices off of the counter and in a cupboard or drawer
  • Do you like to keep fruit out for easy snacking? Use a tiered fruit basket to help save counter space.

Next, create home organization by going through your pantry.
Begin by pulling everything out!

  • Throw away any food that’s past its expiration date.
    (NAPO note: Many food distribution centers and even neighbors can make use of items pas their "Best by" date - be sure to check!)
  • Wipe down each shelf and place everything back in an order that makes sense to you:
    • Place heavier liquid items like water jugs and soda cans on the bottom so they don’t leak down onto other items or cause stress to the shelf.
    • Lighter and infrequently used items should go toward the top
    • Commonly used objects should go on shelves where you can quickly see and grab them.

Your final home organization hack for the kitchen is to use drawer organizers for your utensils. When every item has their own “home,” it’s easier to find them later instead of digging around in a drawer while your pasta boils over.

Check back tomorrow for Living Room tips!

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