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Back To School Organizing Tips

August 03, 2020 12:33 PM | Deleted user

Please enjoy this NAPO Austin guest blog by Ryan Leary Lanier,
owner of Love Your Space Organizing.

Here are 5 Back To School Organizing Tips For Success:

The Night Before

A successful day starts the night before!  Establish the routine of a "launch pad" where your kid puts together his/her outfit from top to bottom (where ARE my SHOES???!?!), backpack with all homework and signed papers, and any special items.  Preferably, create a spot near the door for the items (except the clothes!), so it's ready, set, launch!  Use a "don't forget" sticky note on the door if an item is in the fridge.  "Today me takes care of tomorrow me!"

Organizing A Homework Area

Designate an area for homework and stock it with all the necessary supplies to cut down on the "where are the glue sticks?!" moments.  Use lots of pencil cups to keep everything neat and tidy.  If you need to stow it all away, choose a shower caddy to hold everything for easy toting.  Most kids like to do homework in the kitchen near the action so making a portable supply center will help tidy up after worktime is over.

Managing School Lunches

Spend some of Sunday afternoon or evening prepping and stocking the lunch making station.  Cut veggies, make sandwiches, cook a bunch of pasta, put trail mix into small containers, and then these items are ready all week to throw into those lunch boxes.  If you have leftovers from dinner, go ahead and put into lunch sized containers and then they are ready to roll!  When training your child to pack his/her own lunch, teach him/her to choose something from each food group.  Lessons learned now can benefit them their whole lives!

Helpful Apps For The Family

Google Calendar is the way to go for family activity management, and to do items.  Link everyone's calendars and designate each person with a different color and life will look pretty in its craziness!  We always have our phones, so use that to your advantage.  Any thought, date, or whim can be entered on the calendar and not overlooked.  A must for families with a traveling parent too, to keep him/her in the loop!

Go To Parenting/School Resources

For any and all advice, tips, funny stories, blogs, podcasts and Facebook groups to help with being a successful home CEO, turn to www.organize365.com and you will find a wealth of logical, do-able, and clever strategies to cope with this crazy life!  Lisa Woodruff has been through it all and has created many products and programs (lots of free ones) and an online community for support and tips whenever you need it.  And we all need it!

Just take it one day at a time!

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