5 Easy Steps To An Organized Closet

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Please enjoy this guest post, reprinted with permission from
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Having a disorganized closet is stressful and can create a domino effect of other disorganized spaces in your home.  Here are 5 easy steps to get you to an organized closet and free you from your overwhelm.


Do you have a closet where, when you walk in, your anxiety level goes up 10 notches?


You know, when you step over things on the floor and reach over piles to get a shirt off the hanger or when you're unable to find anything because it's busting at the seams?  So frustrating!!  It’s a pain to get to the clothes in the first place, so putting them back isn’t any easier.  This leads to a jumbled mess of clothes on the floor or draped garments over anything that appears to be a surface.  

Having a cluttered closet can cause undue stress in our already chaotic lives.  Not only is it a time waster, it can literally set a bad tone for your entire day stirring up irritability and frustration.

Mess = Stress = Time and Energy Lost   Who wants that?!

This pattern of clutter can spill from the closet through the entire home.  Nobody wants their day to start with an overwhelming feeling of anxiety or stress.  Worry not, this post has got you covered.  I've put together 5 easy steps to free you from your closet clutter and take that anxiety level down to zilch.

Closets come in all shapes and sizes and the amount of clutter will differ from person to person, but the way in which you organize it is the same.  Set aside a bit of time, use these 5 easy steps to organize your closet and you’ll be doin a little dance in your clear space instead of getting overwhelmed in the mornings.  

The 5 Easy Steps To An Organized Closet

  1. Remove Everything
  2. Ask Yourself Some Questions
  3. Put Like With Like
  4. Take Inventory
  5. Put It All In Place

Your closet is going to be clutter free and fabulous, are you ready?!  

OK, let's dive in.


OK, so remove everything from your closet first.  It’s important to see and touch all of your clothing, shoes, etc. to make accurate decisions on whether you will keep them or not.  

Taking a closer peek at each piece will give you, not only the opportunity to see how many things you’ve kept from the 80’s or still have because you know you’ll fit into it one day, but a better view of the styles, colors, and condition of what is there.   

Viewing the empty space of your newly cleared out closet will also give you a different vantage point.  This will allow you to see all the possibilities of placing items back into your space.


Does it fit?  Will I ever really wear this?  Are there any rips or tears?  Do I love it?  Do I really need a furry hat with tassels?

Be honest with yourself.  Just because you may lose weight this summer, will those jeans really be what you want to wear?  When going through your items, divide them into 6 piles: save, relocate, donate, sell, recycle, and trash.  The answers to your questions will help you put items in the right piles.  Whatever is in the save pile goes back in, everything else goes.

Doesn't that feel great?!



Create categories to keep your closet orderly.  Having categories such as tank tops, sweaters, long sleeve, short sleeve, etc.. will not only make the space look better, it will also make it easier to find what you are looking for.   You can find more category ideas in my free Clothing Category Guide here.

Start by separating clothing by type such as season, business, casual, etc... For example, separate your date night attire from your every day, on the go wardrobe.  

Once you have your core types, move on to create sub-categories within those types as mentioned above.  Long sleeve, short sleeve, tank tops, etc...  This will create an additional layer of categorizing to amp up an easy “go to and grab” system for your closet.   

If you want to have a little fun, take it one step further and organize each category by color.  The next time you need a black tank top, you’ll find it in a snap!


Time for the fun!  Now that you know what you’re going to save, it’s time to gather any bins, hangers, etc.. you may need to put it all in place.  Begin by putting everything back in the closet where you want it to go and take inventory.  

Create a list of containers, shelves, hangers, etc.. needed to house your items and measure, measure, measure.  

You may think that measuring the shelf is enough, but measuring what is being placed there is essential as well in finding the right size container or organizing solution.  

Think height, width, and depth of everything from the shelving, that stack of purses you’re going to hang, to how long those 3 rows of shoes are and write it down.  You’ll thank yourself later with a latte or glass of wine, promise!  With your measurements of height, width, and depth in hand, or on your phone (I use Asana, check it out here), it’s time to go shopping!  

…did you remember to measure?



You’ve gone shopping and you have everything to need to complete your closet.  With your new containers and organizing solutions, place all of your items in their new homes.  

Create labels for bins and, voila!  You have an organized closet.  



  • Velvet hangers streamline the look of a closet, eliminate hanger bumps on clothing and maximize hanging space.  I get mine at Costco.
  • If you’re tight on time, start working on one section of the closet first and move on to other sections as you go.  

  • Use space saving shoe holders or shoe bins to create more space for your shoes.

  • Always measure the largest item to go in an area when measuring for bins to ensure everything will fit.

  • Think vertical.  Most closets have a ton of space above the top shelf.  Store luggage, stack bins with lids to house seasonal or rarely used items, or add shelving to utilize the space to your advantage.

    I’m going to be tackling my Master Closet. I'll be documenting my progress on Facebook next month.  What closet are you going to conquer to clear your clutter?  

    I’d love to know and see what you’re doing!  Come visit me on Facebook or Instagram and share your progress, your pains and your wins. 

    Don’t forget to download my FREE Clothing Category Guide!  Click here to grab it.

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