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NAPO Austin Notables

1. Melynda Weiland had a workshop called Declutter to Sell on Sept. 29th 

2. Carol Jones is doing a talk every month for Overture Mueller online talk.  You can catch her September talk on Organizing Your Refrigerator/freezer on her Facebook page @ajonesfororganizing.   

3. Debbie Stanley is republishing a revision of her book Newbie Pitfalls.  She also presented for with Sonya Feher and has a new course with a brain-based track for NAPO  - "OD2-230: Ethics and Policies for Working with Clients with Brain-based Conditions"

4. Sonya Feher will be on the Organizing for Families Podcast and in October will be launching Happiness Group for Women.

5.  Jamie Steele was interviewed for Better Homes and Garden on digital organizing that will be out in Early Spring.  On Oct. 28th, she will be presenting “Where Does Time Go” benefitting the Angels Fight Crew. 

6. Ryan Lanier has a 4 Hrs of FOCUS workshop on 9/27 and YouTube channel Nonprofit Shoutout interviews every Thursday on YouTube live.

7. Randi Lyman presented an ICD Teleclass on Sept. 2nd. She collaborated with a colleague from the Netherlands on “PO’s & Clients Learn From Each Other’s Health Challenges. Randi will also be on a panel for NAPO DFW on Oct. 22nd titled “Organizing For A Living.” talking about her work with her chronically disorganized & hoarding clients.

8. Casey Moore is a new Coach Approach coaching class instructor!

9. Jennifer Snyder just launched her Baking Your Business From Scratch podcast!  On Oct. 22nd, Jennifer will be on a panel for the DFW NAPO Chapter.

Check back soon to see more upcoming speaking  events, publications and other amazing announcements from our members.

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