Get Involved

There are a number of volunteer roles with NAPO Austin from being our chapter photographer to running the chapter library to being on the board of directors to managing a social media platform. 

If you enjoy doing something, then we probably have a spot for you to flourish! Take advantage of your membership and get involved!

See below for ways to get involved in your chapter! You can always Contact Us with questions or interest!

Associate Member Committee

The Associate Member Committee connects with the Chapter's Associate members, inviting them to meetings and events, as well as promoting them to the professional organizing membership. This role works most closely with the Director of Membership.

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee creates, orders, and gives out awards at our May meeting to chapter members that have gone above and beyond in service to the chapter! This role works closely with the chapter Secretary. 

CAM Liaison

The CAM Liaison networks with professional or service providers in allied fields - i.e. Realtor of Austin or the AISD chapter in Austin. This means checking in with them about four times a year. 

This role works with the Director of Membership.

GO Month Committee

The GO Month Committee consists of a chair, marketing coordinator, and several other members that plan and organize events. 

The chair liaisons with the Board in the months before GO Month, working most closely with the Director of Marketing.

Golden Circle Liaison

Golden Circle Members have been NAPO members for 5+ years. These seasoned organizers have incredible skills and experiences. The Liaison communicates those members' needs to the chapter, and encourages mentorships with newer organizers.  This role communicates with the Director of Membership.


Greeters are the warm and smiling faces that welcome visitors, new members, and seasoned members to meetings and events. They arrive a little early to help with set up and chat with the early arrivers.

Greeters work most closely with the Director of Membership. 


The chapter Historian creates and maintains the chapter scrapbook, which records highlights from our chapter's life. The Historian brings the scrapbook to meetings and acts as a bit of institutional memory as well.

The Historian works closely with the chapter Secretary.


The chapter Librarian manages the chapter's library - books, CDs, and other resources that promote education and learning.

The Librarian brings the library to monthly meetings and coordinates check outs and returns. This role works most closely with the chapter Secretary. 

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee seeks out nominees for the various board positions each year and runs the chapter elections. Individuals on this committee can't be standing for a position during the election. 

The committee works most closely with the Immediate Past President. 

Party Coordinators

The most fun "working group" you'll ever join! This group plans and coordinates our chapter social events, happy hours, and parties! We usually have two or three get togethers a year.

The party committee works most closely with the Director of Professional Development. 

Programs Committee

The Programs Committee is responsible for finding quality speakers for our meetings that are of interest to the professional organizing members, including programs that qualify as CEUs for Certified Professional Organizers (CPO). 

This committee works most closely with the Director of Professional Development.

Resource Committee

Love connecting people to resources? Then this is the perfect role for you! The RC maintains a spreadsheet of trusted resources and service providers in our communities. They also maintain the resources on our website that are available for our community. 

This role works most closely with the Treasurer.

Social Media Committee

The Social Media Committee is made up of individuals that each manage one of the chapter's social media platforms - Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

The Director of Technology and Communications chairs the committee.

Website Chair

The Website Chair is a creative soul with an eye for detail. This person updates and manages our awesome website. 

This role works with the Director of Technology and Communications, and with the Director of Marketing.


Volunteering is a natural part of membership in this chapter.

We are a non-profit organization run by volunteers - just like you! 

All of the information, education, structure and opportunities that NAPO Austin provide are produced by members that volunteered their time, creativity, and skills. 

We want and need you, your time, ideas, enthusiasm, talent and energy to breathe life into our chapter!

Jumping in is also the fastest way to get to know your NAPO Austin colleagues. Associating and working with fellow organizers beyond the chapter meetings provides additional opportunities for business and personal growth. 

Volunteering can generate referrals, employment, business advice and new friendships.

Jump In

Want to learn more? Want to volunteer?

To get more information or express interest, Contact Us.

We will be thrilled to have you on board!

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